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Dr. Deaf is a young team whose goal is to sell earplugs wherever they are needed. With years of experience in the music industry, we understand like no other the usefulness of hearing protection. After all, the risk for getting hearing damage is high in places with loud noise and we understand like no other the usefulness of hearing protection. And although more and more people wear earplugs, we are still shocked daily by the low number of people who take hearing protection “seriously”. At Dr. Deaf, we believe earplugs should be a standard feature at venues where noise levels are (too) high, such as festivals, pubs and events. And we also understand that earplugs need to be more fun, exciting and accessible.

Dr. Deaf


Eliminate hearing loss caused by 'noise'.


Dr. Deaf aims to be the largest supplier of fashion earplugs within Europe that are bought and worn at party/gaming events, in pubs, clubs and festivals. Dr. Deaf ensures earplug availability in places where there is a lot of 'noise'. Dr. Deaf focuses more on the image of the PartyPlug as a whole than just its practical effect.

Safety and quality

Quality and safety is guaranteed with Dr. Deaf's earplugs. We strive to give you 100% satisfaction as a customer and deliver according to the current requirements of laws and regulations.

Earplugs for everyone,
but why?

Earplugs are not sexy, that’s how we made them.


We can be short and clear: earplugs are not sexy. 2 of those pellets in your ears is often seen as something ‘sucky’. We at Dr. Deaf think that should and can be different. Because going through life without earplugs is not an option, so then we need to create an earplug that both works but you can also match to your outfit. An earplug you are proud of and want to show off to everyone.

Our PartyPlugs protect your ears at any party or festival but with the various available colours we offer and the possibility of personalising your earplug (e.g. the logo of your favourite club? Picture of your favourite artist? Or a picture of your boyfriend or girlfriend?) match your earplug to any outfit, concert, festival or party.


A consequence of hearing impairment can even be depression. When hearing loss is present, some situations are often quickly relinquished unnoticed. Impaired hearing leads to social distance from society. People with hearing loss are more likely to avoid contact, which can lead to social isolation. As a result, an untreated hearing impaired person is more likely to experience feelings of loneliness and even depression. Consequences include balance disorders and falls. With hearing loss, one falls on average 3 times faster than with healthy hearing. Every 10 decibels of additional hearing loss already increases the risk of falling by 1.4 times.

We therefore feel it is our duty to make as many people as possible aware of preventing hearing problems, because once you have hearing problems, it can affect both your physical and mental health.


Life is a celebration, so enjoy it! With the people around you, with family, friends, colleagues and other loved ones.

Dr. Deaf wants to celebrate with as many people as possible. Not only by being responsible with your hearing but also by enjoying all those beautiful moments you share together. Whether you are dancing in a club in Amsterdam, celebrating a festival in Ibiza or hanging out on the couch at home: having fun together is what counts. Dr. Deaf invites everyone to join this global celebration of parties and beautiful moments, always protecting our hearing while intensely enjoying all that life has to offer!

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