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Festival earplugs

Festival earplugs

Looking for festival earplugs that maximise your enjoyment and offer the best hearing protection?

We have silicone and filter earplugs specially designed for festival-goers like you.

Protect your hearing and prevent damage with our comfortable hearing protection.

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Why buy festival earplugs?

Festivals can last up to 12 hours, with noise levels above the safe limit of 80 decibels (dB). Exposure to these noise levels can lead to permanent hearing damage.

The squeak you sometimes experience after a party is one of the first signs of hearing damage. In most cases, this recovers on its own, but the damage occurs quickly and can also be permanent.

To protect your ears properly, it is important to wear hearing protection with a minimum attenuation of 17 SNR. That means your festival earplugs should attenuate an average of 17 dB across all frequencies to provide good protection.

Wearing earplugs ensures that you can enjoy your favourite event, artist or DJ to the max while your ears are protected.

Buy festival earplugs? Our earplugs filter harmful noise and are designed so you can enjoy the music to the fullest. Available in different models and colours.