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PartyPlug Pro
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PartyPlug Pro earplugs

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Are you an advanced music enthusiast who regularly attends concerts and festivals? Then your ears might be ready for a next-level PartyPlug. This is an upgrade to the PartyPlug. The big difference is in the professional filter of this pro version.

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Product Description

The filter ensures a pleasant and natural sound representation, with its true-to-life attenuation of 21 decibels. This maintains sound quality and keeps your friends easily understandable. Additionally, the fit is perceived as comfortable without the common feeling of being sealed off.

The PartyPlug Pro helps prevent hearing damage when you frequently go to concerts or festivals. You might know the feeling: lying in bed at night and hearing an annoying ringing in your ears. These are the early signs of hearing damage. With earplugs, you can enjoy the music with peace of mind, without the risk of permanent hearing damage.

Are you a seasoned festival or pub regular? Then your hearing might require heavier protection. Consider a custom fitted PartyPlug. You can have these fitted by one of our specialists. We come to you, or you come to us – the choice is yours.

If you find a custom-made PartyPlug a bit too much, then this PartyPlug Pro from Dr. Deaf is the perfect compromise.


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Kevin Kuijs
Verified customer

Great product against hearing damage!

I went to pubs and parties unprotected for a long time and regularly struggled with tinnitus as a result. Fortunately, that's a thing of the past since I started using Dr. Deaf's solution. I am extremely happy with it and highly recommend it!

Frans van Vleuten
Verified customer

Well served by knowledgeable staff

Well served by knowledgeable staff and prompt delivery of my custom-made earplugs. Essential when visiting cafe, festival or concert!

Ruud Kuijsters
Verified customer

Beautiful design and excellent quality

Beautiful design and high quality product. The quick delivery also came in handy. Totally awesome!

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What material are the PartyPlugs Pro made of?

The PartyPlug earplugs are made of soft, hypoallergenic silicone material and are supplied in pairs in a hard plastic protective case.

Yes, they are universal earplugs and fit any ear canal thanks to the flexible, soft silicone material.

The ear protectors filter harmful sounds with an average noise reduction of 21 decibels (dB), which prevents long-term hearing damage. This is sufficient to attend music events without sustaining permanent hearing damage. They reduce all harmful frequencies (mid, high, and low tones) and the volume of the music to a safe level. The hearing protection doesn't compromise the music experience. You can enjoy the music without distortion and still hear people clearly.

The earplugs are shipped as a letterbox package. They are shipped free of charge in the Netherlands and Belgium for orders over €20. If you order today, your order will be shipped the same (working) day. You have 30 days to consider; hence, return the product within this period. The cost of return is borne by the sender.