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PartyPlug earplugs


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The Dr. Deaf PartyPlug earplugs are designed to protect your hearing while going out, concerts and festivals. They reduce harmful noise while maintaining the sound quality of music and conversations.

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Kevin Kuijs
Verified customer

Great product against hearing damage!

I went to pubs and parties unprotected for a long time and regularly struggled with tinnitus as a result. Fortunately, that's a thing of the past since I started using Dr. Deaf's solution. I am extremely happy with it and highly recommend it!

Frans van Vleuten
Verified customer

Well served by knowledgeable staff

Well served by knowledgeable staff and prompt delivery of my custom-made earplugs. Essential when visiting cafe, festival or concert!

Ruud Kuijsters
Verified customer

Beautiful design and excellent quality

Beautiful design and high quality product. The quick delivery also came in handy. Totally awesome!

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Are there different types of PartyPlugs available?

Yes, at Dr. Deaf we have the PartyPlug, the PartyPlug Pro and the PartyPlug Custom-fitted. All music earplugs from Dr. Deaf bring the music to a safe level and ensure that you continue to enjoy the quality of the music. Check the product pages for specifications and decibel reduction levels.

Dr Deaf earplugs are specially designed to provide flat attenuation, meaning they reduce the volume of sound across the entire frequency range. This reduces the sound level without drastically changing the balance between bass, midrange and treble. This means you can still enjoy the music while maintaining good sound quality, but at a safer volume for your hearing.

If you already have hearing damage, it is important to be careful about wearing hearing protection in general. While these are meant to protect your hearing from loud noises, they can also affect your ability to hear and communicate sounds, especially if you already have hearing problems. It is wise to first seek advice from an audiologist or other medical professional who specialises in hearing problems. They can give you specific advice tailored to your situation.

Yes, even if you wear earplugs, there is a chance of suffering hearing damage. Although they protect you from hearing damage, it's important that, as a festival-goer, you take care of your own hearing as well. This means making conscious choices about where and how to be exposed to sound. Even with Partyplug in, it remains unwise to stand too close to the speakers during your festival, concert or night out. The high decibel levels can lead to hearing damage and, in some cases, even permanent hearing damage. The frequencies of the music, combined with its duration and intensity, determine the degree of risk of damage to your hearing.