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Enjoying music safely

Music should be heard, felt and experienced; but you don’t want to suffer hearing damage such as impaired hearing or tinnitus as a result.

As experts in the music industry, we at Dr. Deaf understand how valuable it is to keep making good use of your hearing, which is why we want to protect you from hearing damage.

We are everywhere sound is present. In pubs, at festivals and concerts and many other events. So we make protecting your hearing easy, accessible and fun.


Without ringing ears

Vrouw op festival met festival oordopjes

Custom fit earplugs

If you are looking for an earplug with optimal wearing comfort and outstanding sound quality, then custom fit earplugs are the perfect choice for you. Whether you find yourself partying once a month, quarterly, or every week, our custom fit earplugs ensure the highest quality.

The significant advantage of custom fit earplugs is their precise fit to the shape of your ears. This ensures they stay securely in place, without irritation or discomfort. Another major benefit of custom fit earplugs is their ability to reduce ambient noise without compromising the quality of the sounds you want to hear. This means you can continue to enjoy clear tones and natural sounds while filtering out unwanted noise. Ideal for visiting a club, bar, festival, or a concert while still being able to hear your friends. Schedule an appointment with one of our specialists now, at a location of your choice (NL/BE only).

Moreover, you can choose from various filters (15-29 dB SNR) that suit your personal usage, hearing protection tailored to your preferences. And, of course, you can choose from various colors. As music lover or party animal, this is a must-have. Hearing protection the way you want it. And of course, you can choose from a variety of colours.

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